Chelepy goes for goal and kicks winning point

CAP Coast's Michael Chelepy was on target to kick his team to an important 4-3 win over CQU Berserker in their Capricorn League first division football clash at Elizabeth Park on Saturday night.

The Cap Coast team has rued some missed opportunities in previous outings, but coach Shaun Janes felt a wave of relief watching Chelepy's shot hit the back of the net with only about two minutes of play remaining.

Chelepy, who turns 19 in two weeks, was standing in the right place at the right time.

"We pushed three up front and it was man-on-man so we thought as soon as we get the ball just shoot,'' Chelepy said.

"My first shot hit the cross bar.''

The ball stayed in play, Cap Coast made another shot on goal which was deflected by the goalkeeper and Chelepy was there to finish off.

"Before the game we sat down and knew what tasks we had to do and not drop off ? the talk didn't work because we dropped off in the second half,'' said Chelepy, a former Gladstone junior in his second year with Cap Coast.

"I just want to work hard this season and try and get into the Cougars squad.''

Cap Coast wasted no time opening the scoring when Marty Ohl played through to score after about a minute of play as the Berserker players appealed for an offside move.

Berserker then equalised through Simon Hogarth before Dylan Kussrow made it 2-1 after converting the penalty attempt after Berserker's Ben McMaster was sent off for a handball.

Despite Cap Coast leading 2-1 at half-time Berserker brought Roy Bob into the play which sparked the home side into action scoring two goals in about three minutes through Hogarth and Dean Druery.

Cap Coast's Jack Farhm found the equaliser and then Chelepy finished the job.

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