Council stops sneaky drivers

SNEAKY drivers will no longer be able to cut through Ibis Avenue to avoid the Carlton Street traffic lights near Central Queensland University.

Rockhampton City Council decided on Monday to close a section of the avenue ? between the CSIRO and Nuttall Street ? to through traffic. Parking has also been banned from 597 to 629 Ibis Avenue.

The move follows complaints about traffic problems such as speeding and too many vehicles using the narrow street.

CSIRO laboratory manager Phil White said he had originally written to the council last August expressing his concerns.

He was worried the problems would get worse as residents from a new subdivision began to use the road.

"We wanted to get the road widened. We already knew there was a high number of through traffic.''

Mr White said the council's plan to close the road would inconvenience staff who regularly travelled north to the Belmont Research Station. While he did not agree with it, he understood why nearby residents wanted it closed.

He said a council survey of residents had found traffic would be decreased by 70% on Ibis Avenue if the section was closed.

Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow said Ibis Avenue would be closed instead of widened because the survey showed people wanted to retain the street's trees: "It (Ibis Av) was never intended to be used as a fully constructed road.

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