Croc seen in river near city centre

A CROC was spotted at the Fitzroy River fishermens wharf yesterday.

Regional Security Services security officer Robert Aspinall was patrolling the river walkway when he reported the sighting at about 10am.

"Two white collar workers ran up to me and said they had just seen a croc at the wharf,'' Mr Aspinall said.

"They only knew how long its head was, which was about two feet long.''

Queensland Parks and Wildlife acting senior ranger Graham Russell said it was not uncommon for crocodiles, dolphins and sharks to be spotted up 200km from the sea and beyond.

"We are currently investigating the claim.

"Sightings are information for us and we appreciate people contacting us.

"We have never had a confirmed sighting reported in the town section to us before.

"People should remember to keep safe ? don't swim where crocodiles live, when fishing keep a few metres away from the edge and do not clean fish scraps near the water.''

Although there has never been a contact number on any of the crocodile warning signs in Rockhampton, people are encouraged to report sightings.

"We now have a wildlife hotline to call and the signs should be updated within the next week.

"It would be great if the two men who spotted the croc could call us.''

The number is 1300?130?372.

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