Cyclones under watch again

THE Rockhampton Hog's Breath Cafe Cyclones women's basketball team could be under game video scrutiny again this week.

US import Khalila O'Reilly-Williams was hit with an unsportsmanlike foul with seven minutes remaining in the third quarter of the Cyclones' 91-41 thrashing at the hands of the Southern Districts Spartans at Rockhampton's Hegvold Stadium yesterday.

While Spartans' Shona Burrell lay injured on the ground with a lower back injury, with her team-mates surrounding her, O'Reilly-Williams approached her opposition and Spartans' Michaela Dalgleish alleged that the Cyclones player had kicked her in the back of the leg.

No charges were laid after yesterday's game, but the Spartans have requested the game tape.

The incident fouled O'Reilly-Williams out of the game and left the Cyclones with a dismal second half being outscored 55-11.

It could be a further blow for the Cyclones who only welcomed the return of Simone Grant yesterday off a four-week suspension for an alleged kicking incident against Brisbane. Cyclones coach Kevin Bolck could only express disappointment at the result.

"It was undisciplined play all the way through ? the girls' team effort has to improve 10-fold to be competitive down the road,'' Bolck said.

The Cyclones meet Northside Wizards on Friday night at Hegvold Stadium.

Full-time ? Spartans 91 (Kristy Rinaldi 20, Fiona McGrath 18, Kristy Green 12, Kirby Dalgleish 12) d Cyclones 51 (Mandy Welch 10, Rachel Fisher 9, Khalila O'Reilly-Williams 6).

Quarter breakdown (Spartans/Cyclones): (Q1) 23-14; (Q2) 23-16; (Q3) 23-6; (Q4) 22-5.

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