Dance eisteddfod wraps up a winner

THE dance section of the 70th Rockhampton Eisteddfod came to an end last night after nine days of intense competition from students of all ages.

The real champions of the dance section will not be announced until after the gala performance, to be held in July.

Trophies that were awarded last night went to Rockhampton dancer, Ellen Clark, who was awarded the Beverly Prange Cup for the most versatile dancer of the eisteddfod.

The most promising male, Jakob Ambrose, took home the Alex and Betty Noble memorial trophy.

Antonia Daley was awarded the Anna and Nina Veretennikova Cup for classical ballet solo and demicharacter solo for 7 and under 9 years.

RESULTS Friday afternoon Classical Ballet Championship under 13 years $100 first prize donated by the O'Neill family and the CQ Classical Ballet Parents and friends trophy: Winner Jessica Harris 169; Runner-up Caitlin McMahon 167.

Waltz tap solo 13 years and under 15 years Tim Rule Trophy: 1st Jakob Ambrose 85; 2nd Ellen Clark 84.

Tap solo 15 years and over: 1st Bartley Olsen Jnr 88; 2nd Jennifer McMaster 87; 3rd Tim Rule and Jade McMahon 86.

Modern jazz duo/trio under 10 years: 1st Daisy Mylrea and Georgia Hampson 77; 2nd Caitlin Dennis and Chelsea Lewis 76; 3rd Kasey Fitzgerald and Kelsey Rabnott and A Weatherall, S Newman & Z ConwayDodd 75; HC Hanna Taylor and Courtney Cook and Karen Dunwoodie and Jordanna Ryan 74.

Friday evening Classical ballet pointe solo open Kay Swales Cup: 1st Ellen Clark 86; 2nd Jade McMahon 85; 3rd Jennifer McMaster 84.

Contemporary or free movement group under 13 years Lisa Birkbeck Trophy: 1st Beverley Prange Dance Centre 80; 2nd Capricorn School of Dancing 78; 3rd Emerald Academy of Dancing 76.5; HC Dance World - JLM 76.

Modern jazz duo/trio 13 years and over: 1st K Sutton, K Wyatt and M Pheash 84.5; 2nd Caitlin Crawford and Amanda Richter 84; 3rd Jessica Easterbrook and Justine Daniels 83; HC Adele O'Driscoll and Cassie Thomas and R Skinner, L Newsome and S Fox 82.

Saturday morning Pilbeam Theatre Waltz tap solo 9 and under 11 years: 1st Lewis Stansbie 80; 2nd Larni Robinson 79; 3rd Celeste Hack 78; HC Georgia Hampson, Chloe Gregg and Briony Grey-Ganter 77.

Modern jazz championship under 13 years: Winner Caitlin McMahon 165; Runner-up Adrianna Alexander 161.5.

Improvisation tap solo under 10 years: 1st Georgia Hampson 76; 2nd Indya Gardner 75; 3rd Chelsea Lewis 74.

Walter Reid Cultural Centre Light verse 10 years A, L G Duthie Cup: 1ST Blake Hamlyn 89; 2nd Esther Beaumont; 3rd Christopher Kitto; HC B Griffin 87.5, Georgi Paxton 87 and Taylah Pringle 86.5.

Verse speaking girls 12 years a, Rockhampton Eisteddfod Association Inc. Trophy and McLachlan Family Trophy: 1st Laura Hamlyn 89; 2nd Rachael Cage 88; 3rd Gabrielle Donohue 87.5; HC Alexandra Brady and Jessica Wastell 87.

Light verse 11 years b, Sponsored by Brigid O'Driscoll, L G Duthie Cup: 1st Georgia Clark 90; 2nd Thomas Schuster 89.5; 3rd Georgia Sullivan 89; HC Larnie Steinback 88, Joseph McLaughlan, Brigid O'Driscoll, Harry Gale, Pawan Govind 87.5; and Rebecca Casey and Madeline Jeffreys 87.

The L G Duthie Cup was won by Georgia Clark with 90 marks.

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