Doctor: I was forced to go


THREE months ago Dr William Kelley arrived at Rockhampton Hospital highly qualified and full of desire to make a difference, now he is packing his bags and heading back to the United States.

"I feel like a marked person, I don't know what they're going to do and I really don't want someone to die because no one will listen to me,'' he said.

Things were going reasonably well with hope of improvement at the Emergency Department, as far as Dr Kelley was concerned, when he was called into the office of the hospital's executive Director of Medical Services Dr Adrian Groessler.

At this point Dr Kelley was told he had an adverse incident report filed against him by an anaethetist registrar and that his clinical privileges had been taken away.

In short, Dr Kelley was not allowed to attend patients until the complaint made by a training anaethetist was investigated.

"I've never had my clinical privileges removed in my 25-year career. I had to come to Rockhampton for that,'' he said. Dr Kelley was not asked at any time for his side of the story.

After a two-week investigation Australian medical board certified doctors ruled Dr Kelley had been correct in actions and judgment, and his privileges were reinstated.

Dr Kelley said he returned to work completing two shifts.

No one had spoken to the anaethetist about the complaint or addressed his behaviour, staff on at a lower employment level continued to be subordinate, and then he heard of an Australian doctor with similar qualifications earning $280 per hour compared to his $45 per hour.

Dr Kelley stopped going to work and contacted Queensland Health. He heard on the grapevine his his employment company and the hospital had discussed his termination.

He and his family leave Rockhampton today.

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