Dog poisoning reveals disturbing allegations


CHRISS Tyrrell may never know who killed his beloved family dog Simba, but he has more than a sneaking suspicion about who was responsible.

Mr Tyrrell believes the same school bullies who have made his daughter's life hell for the past year were the culprits.

He believed the bullies had this week sunk to a new low and poisoned the innocent german shepherd/siberian husky.

"It's just cruel. He was my mate. He was part of the family.

"Even the cat is fretting now he's gone.''

Mr Tyrrell said the family first knew something was wrong when Simba started vomiting and passing blood on Wednesday morning.

He said while the dog was rushed to the vet, it was too late to save him and he was put down a day later.

"The vet found toxic poison in his system.

"It ate away his stomach. It ate his kidney. We had to put him down, it was all too much for him.''

Mr Tyrrell said his wife and two daughters were dis- traught following Simba's death.

He said while his vet was reluctant to declare Simba's death a dog baiting, there were no other explanations for the poisoning.

Mr Tyrrell said no other dogs were baited in the area and he believed it all added up to his daughter Cara's bullies.

His daughter had previously changed schools from Glenmore High to North Rockhampton High School because of bullying problems.

He said Cara was bullied again this week, then Simba was baited and the bullying continued.

"It's too much of a coincidence. Cara was thrown into a wheelie bin full of water this week, port and all.

"We reckon it's all linked.''

Mr Tyrrell ? a car salesman who also works as a security guard ? said Simba had almost completed his training as a security dog and was about to become his partner while pa- trolling.

"I'd spent 27 months training him to be a securi- ty dog. He had a good temperament. Now where am I going to find a trained dog?''

Regional Security Services managing director Ross Hodda said he was sickened to hear about Simba's baiting.

"As a dog trainer and handler, this was the most disgusting thing.

"The dog was going to be Chriss's partner."He was a beautiful dog that showed a lot of potential.''

Mr Hodda said the culprits should be dealt with severely.

Mr Tyrrell said in the 11 years he had worked in security, he had not once had a vendetta until his daughter was bullied. He claims he has been threatened by the bullies' parents, received abusive phone calls and messages.

Mr Tyrrell said his daughter had refused to go to school yesterday and he was scared the bullying had become too much for her.

"My daughter said to me, 'they've poisoned my dog, what are they going to do to me?'

"I'm worried she's going to commit suicide.''

He said Cara will be moved to another school next year.

Mr Tyrrell said the family would not consider getting another dog:

"I don't want this to happen again.

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