Don't let Mareah's daddy die

DOUG Macarthur dearly wants to see his little girl grow up.

He wants to marry his sweetheart Tracey Ireland, the mother of their three-year-old daughter Mareah.

He desperately wants to outlive his father, Howard, who at 90, shouldn't have the worry of burying his son.

At just 49, Rockhampton's Mr Macarthur has so many plans.

But right now, everything is on hold because he just wants to live.

Mr Macarthur has a brain tumour.

"I was told I was lucky when they found it because it was a slow-growing tumour,'' he said.

"I don't feel lucky. I just want it out.''

Mr Macarthur ? a refrigeration mechanic by trade who is now on the disability pension ? discovered he had the rare slow-growing tumour three years ago.

He said doctors estimated he might have had the tu- mour for up to 10 years.

Mr Macarthur said he had tried for years to have the tumour removed but couldn't get on a waiting list because he was considered non-urgent.

"They keep telling him there are other people with more urgent cases and to come back in three months,'' Ms Ireland said.

"But he's a person too."They're playing Russian roulette with his life.''

Mr Macarthur wants the tumour removed as soon as possible because he has noticed his memory fading and has started to have seizures.

He had about 10 seizures last week, two of which land- ed him in Rockhampton Hospital and the last of which saw him flown to the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Mr Macarthur said while he admitted he was not a doctor, he was not prepared to chance waiting any longer.

He said his only hope for help was Brisbane, as he could not afford to see the private neurologist who visited Rockhampton.

Ms Ireland, who also has two children from another relationship, said she was worried sick about Mr Macarthur and did not know how much she could take.

"When he has a seizure it's terrifying. ? "I'm wondering if he's going to die,'' Ms Ireland said. "It's so goddamn scary.''

Ms Ireland said while she hoped to wed her partner one day, all she wanted was for him to see their daughter, Mareah, grow up.

"I thought we might get married one day,'' she said through tears. "If it happens, it happens. I just want him to see her grow up.''

Ms Ireland said Mareah seemed to know something was wrong with her father.

"She knows something is wrong when he's having seizures. She shouldn't have to worry.''

Mr Macarthur yesterday had one simple plea for Queensland Health: "Please fix my brain.

"I don't know what the next seizure will bring.

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