Drivers tow bins for kicks

AMANDA Chilcott appears to be the latest victim of a dangerous game where reckless drivers tow wheelie bins and receive "points'' for things they damage.

Yesterday morning she found her 2000-model Nissan Pulsar with a smashed rear tail light and panel damage.

It had been parked on Salamanca Street, North Rockhampton. What was left of a destroyed wheelie bin sat on the opposite footpath.

Its contents had been scattered over the road.

Police originally thought a soda bomb may have exploded inside the bin, but that theory was later dismissed.

"There was no sign of any explosive device,'' said Senior Constable Brendan Davis. "The damage to the bin suggests it was possibly towed up the street.''

The thrill-seeking practice of towing wheelie bins behind cars may also have occurred at the top of Mount Archer on Wednesday night/yesterday morning.

A destroyed wheelie bin, similar to the one found in Salamanca Street, was found near the lookout.

Vandals also caused about $1500 damage to a toilet block (see story page 9).

Ms Chilcott, 26, of Barcaldine, had been staying with friends in Salamanca Street while she completed a weeklong component of her university degree.

She could not attend yesterday morning as she had to wait for a forensic officer to arrive and complete his duties.

"Then there's the hassles of ringing up the insurance company, getting it (car) fixed, and the inconvenience,'' she said.

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