Eight lucky crash escapes


A MIRACLE may have been worked in Central Queensland at the weekend.

That's the only explanation for it. How else could so many people escape so many accidents without any serious injuries or worse, death?

Our roads saw eight lucky escapes from noon on Saturday. A cyclist collided with a ute, a truck hit a car, a couple of drink-drivers got behind the wheel and there was plenty of car-versus-car carnage.

But out of eight accidents reported, amazingly, there was only one injury ? broken fingers ? and only three accidents that involved harm.

A male cyclist suffered compound finger fractures after hitting a car on Emu Park Road near Nerimbera at 3.50pm on Saturday.

He is believed to have clipped the wheel of the rider in front of him and then smashed into the back of a passing ute.

Another lucky escape came about 3.45am yesterday when a truck hit a car on the Bruce Highway north of Calliope.

Four people were treated at the scene and two were taken to Gladstone Hospital with cuts and bruises.

In yet another blessed getaway, the driver of a car avoided major injury after running off Benaraby Road, Benaraby, at 3.45pm on Saturday. The driver was treated at the scene.

In the remaining five crashes, no injuries were reported when cars collided with cars 20km north of Marlborough on the Bruce Highway on Saturday at noon; on Norman Road, North Rockhampton, at 6.50pm on Saturday; at Kunwarara mine turnoff on the Bruce Highway at 2.50pm on Saturday; and on Lower Dawson Road, Rockhampton, at 4am yesterday.

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