Emerald attack prompts alert


EMERALD police are warning young women to be mindful of their personal safety, after an attack on a young Emerald woman last week.

The attack occurred when the 21-year-old woman was walking from a niteclub to her home last Thursday night.

Emerald CIB officer-in-charge Detective Sergeant Adrian Martion said the woman was walking home on her own.

He said she had a chat to some people on the corner of Opal and Egerton Streets and continued on her way.

When she got down Opal Street, just before the Opal and Yamala Street intersection, she was approached from behind by a male who asked for a lighter.

Det Sgt Martion said she had a short conversation while walking, and when approaching the Opal and Yamala Street intersection crossed Opal Street to go home. It was at this point that it is alleged the man grabbed the women by the hair and dragged her backwards onto a grassy area and physically assaulted her.

Det Sgt Martion said police understood the woman called out and screamed, attracting attention, and prompted the intervention of a witness.

As a result the woman was released by the attacker, who allegedly grabbed her handbag and ran off.

The alleged assailant, a 25-year-old itinerant worker, was then run down by the heroic witness, who detained him until the police arrived.

The alleged assailant has been charged with assault with the intent to rape, assault occasioning bodily harm and robbery.

The male was also charged with other offences relating to different matters including possession of dangerous drugs, receiving stolen property, and fraud, some charges relating to offences committed on the Sunshine Coast in 1996.

He appeared in the Emerald Magistrates Court on Friday.

Det Sgt Martion said Emerald women should be more mindful of their safety, particularly those out on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights.

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