Emmy celebrates precious gift of life

By JOSEPH TERNOWETSKY EMMY Clark's 13th birthday was a milestone for her, but it was especially important to her parents.

"She wasn't expected to live much longer than two years,'' said her mother Robi Clark.

"This is very special for us.''

Emmy celebrated her birthday at the Criterion Hotel on November 17 with about 20 close friends and family.

After seven heart operations and a number of brushes with death Emmy doesn't take anything for granted.

"I love getting together with my friends,'' she said.

"We always have a good time.''

Yet it has not always been good times for Emmy's family.

Her mother remembers how close Emmy came to death after her third heart surgery.

"She had a massive heart infection,'' she said.

"We were told she would probably die any day.''

Of course, her 13th birthday also brings mixed feelings from her parents.

Despite the family's happiness over her special day, Emmy is still waiting on a heart transplant.

The operation will most likely be done in Melbourne.

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