Emmy?s last heart surgery

NORTH Rockhampton's Emmy Clark has been given new hope for a brighter future with doctors planning her eighth heart operation.

The news got the Clark family's emotions pumping after the 13-year-old battler was told in August, 2004, there was nothing more doctors could do.

It was not until January 9, that Emmy's mother, Robi, received a call to discuss the possibility of an eighth operation in Brisbane as early as next month.

"When I first heard the news, I felt sick,'' she said.

"They (doctors) tell you things, it's like a revolving game of hope.''

Mrs Clark said it was not easy to prepare for another operation, despite supporting her daughter seven times before.

"You've got to go through the stress and worry of it all again,'' she said.

"It's a never-ending nightmare.

"The news is a blessing, but when it's over it will be good.''

Emmy was diagnosed at 12 weeks with pulmonary artresia, which means she does not have a pulmonary artery to carry oxygenated blood.

She said the eighth operation involved upgrading Emmy's right shunts in her lungs to release more oxygenated blood to her heart.

Mrs Clark said it had been five years since doctors were able to operate on that side of the body.

Emmy said she hoped to get the operation over and done with so she could make the most of the start of her teenage years.

She said coping with the heat this summer had taken it's toll. Emmy spends most days playing the PlayStation II and scrapbooking photographs of her recent 13th birthday and friends and family.

"I got to see the Chronicles of Narnia and the fourth Harry Potter twice,'' she said.

Mrs Clark added: "She said she'd like to meet Daniel Radcliffe.''

Emmy replied smiling timidly: "He's cute.''

The family will find out within three weeks when the operation will take place.

Mrs Clark said their fingers were crossed it would be successful.

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