Father used his girls as sex objects

By DARRYN NUFER ? A TRUSTED father used his two young daughters and a niece as "sexual objects'' after showing them pornographic videos, a Rockhampton court heard yesterday.

He was also caught with more than 20,000 child pornographic images and 267 video clips.

They contained inappropriate material including adults engaged in sexual activity with children, some babies and infants.

Among the images seized were 12 indecent pictures of his eight-year-old niece.

The 46-year-old man, of Rockhampton, who cannot be identified by law to protect the victims, was jailed for six years with no recommendation for early release.

The Crown said it was hard to imagine a more blatant breach of trust.

District Court judge Tony Skoien described the case as "extremely revolting'' and "completely distressing''.

The court heard the man had used the videos as part of a "grand plan'' to form sexual liaisons with the children. He then subjected them to sexual touching "of the most intimate and revolting kind''.

One incident, in a bedroom, involved the digital penetration of his five-year-old daughter, among other sex acts, while his partner and mother of the child was in the home.

The man pleaded guilty to 22 counts of indecent treatment of girls under 12, indecent treatment of a girl under 14, and one count each of obtaining a minor for an objection- able computer game, making a childabuse computer game and possessing a child-abuse computer game.

He had originally pleaded not guilty to the majority of charges.

However, during trial on Wednesday he changed his mind after seeing his children give evidence.

Yesterday, barrister Jeff Clarke said his client had told him that he wanted "all of the children to be able to move on with their lives''.

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