From Wayne?s world to Ricky?s big Test


FUTURE PRAYERS: Ricky Stuart's coaching ability will come under scrutiny in the new year. IS IT just me, or is everybody else absolutely fed up with hearing about Wayne Bennett, Ricky Stuart and the whole Test coaching scenario?

Firstly, Bennett was wrong to duck the press on his arrival back in the country ? and he has acknowledged that.

However, Wayne had his chance to speak then, so perhaps now he should shut up.

I doubt that anybody cares about his personal thoughts on Ricky Stuart.

These sorts of attacks are very uncharacteristic for Bennett and they make him like a sook. As for Stuart, I was somewhat stunned at his appointment. Aren't his interviews going to be classy affairs should the Aussies get beaten?

Yes, he has had some success to date, but look at it closely. His State of Origin success this year was delivered to him, on a plate, by Andrew Johns.

After Queensland won that first game, Joey dominated the next two games to win the series. Stuart did not orchestrate those wins, Johns did.

Check out the Roosters in the four years Stuart has been at the helm.

In the first three years they were grand finalists. In the fourth year they came nowhere. Why?

I suspect the retirement of Brad Fittler had plenty to do with it.

Fittler had his detractors, but the bloke could play and his last three years were among his best.

However Stuart was unable to fill that void and make the team competitive.

He was never going to replace Fittler, but surely a coach with his "credentials'' could have had the Roosters dishing up better than we saw.

So now he is the national coach and says that he is about to restore pride in the jersey?

Whatever Ricky, you'd just better hope that Lockyer and Johns are free to help you out.

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