Fun darting back into boy?s life

LIFE is just about back to normal for Andrew Hayne, 16, who almost lost two fingers in a freak swing accident at Stanage Bay in June.

There is some catching up to do with school work, otherwise Andrew has the bandages off his left hand and is into a new game ? darts.

Two months ago Andrew lost the pointer and index finger on his left hand after they got caught up in a tarzan rope he was jumping from.

The quick response from emergency services got Andrew to Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in time to transplant the severed index finger on to the middle finger position. His other finger could not be reattached.

After weeks in hospital and then weeks at home nursing the fragile finger to make sure it is not rejected, Andrew is now waiting for some of the surgical metal used to repair his hand to be removed.

"There's no scare of losing the finger now,'' he said. And there is no pain.

"I still gotta be careful, I can't go around playing football or punching people.''

But he has found a new sporting love in the form of darts.

With a good right hand and a mate that started up a team shortly after he returned to Rockhampton from Brisbane, Andrew jumped at the chance to play a competitive game or three.

In about two months he will be back in hospital to have the metal taken out of the top joint of the middle finger, and with any luck he will be able to move that joint some.

As for school, Andrew feels he is a little too far behind his Year 12 studies to fully catch up.

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