Ghost Who Walks thanks phans with prizes

PHANTOM phans are passionate about their favourite comic-book hero. When The Morning Bulletin Editor Steve Etwell got word our comic strip provider was threatening to cut the Ghost Who Walks, he asked readers what they thought.

After getting a resounding answer, Mr Etwell announced last Saturday Mr Walker is here to stay.

We're still getting messages of support for readers' favourite comic strip.

So to thank his "phans'', The Phantom has some great prizes on offer.

n The Morning Bulletin and Frew Publications is giving away 20 Phantom Comic books and 10 Phantom rings.

For your chance to win, just put your name, address and phone number on the pack of an envelope and send it to: The Phantom Giveaway, PO Box 397, Rockhampton.

Entries close at 5pm on Thursday.

Here are some of the messages:

Thank you Steve, and thank you Rocky. The cause of justice has once again been served. See you all in another 400 years. ? The Phantom (via Mark)

Many thanks for keeping The Phantom in The Morning Bulletin. I was overwelmed with the response and pleased to see there are many other young people in addition to my teenage son who have also developed a liking to the Ghost Who Walks. ? Karen, Gracemere.

I have enjoyed my daily dose of the Ghost Who Walks now for many years. ? Darren

You could do a lot worse ... keep the Ghost Who Walks. ? V&B, Park Avenue

Please keep The Phantom. ? Phil, Lammermoor Beach

Any daily newspaper without The Phantom just does not cut the mastard. ? Kathy

Never even mention your plan again, lest a worse fate befall you. Remember the meat-eating ants? ? Kel.

No Bully reader should start the day without their daily dose of Mr Walker, Diana, the twins, Devil, Hero and his loyal jungle dwellers. ? Peter

It seems every couple of yers they attempt to stifle those amongst us who are the true believers. The Grange Hermitage of comics becomes more appreciated with age. ? Damien

It is the best strip ever written, so leave the Phantom right where he is. ? Paul

Count me ... I am one of his loyal fans. ? Phil

I have been reading The Phantom comics for the last 44 years at least and must admit that I am a fan. ? Darryl

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