Going potty over the latest Harry


MUGGLES like Rockhampton's Kerry Ireland are risking their necks to keep the new Harry Potter book safe.

Security is so tight on the soonto-be-released Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince that Kerry has a long list of strict instructions.

Kerry, the manager of City Centre Plaza's Angus and Robertson book store, said the restrictions meant she could be sacked if a member of the public even glimpsed the boxes the books were being delivered in before Saturday.

"It would be instant dismissal if we broke any of the rules,'' Kerry said yesterday.

"You don't mess with Harry.''

Kerry said the books would be delivered out of trading hours to ensure no one got saw the boxes.

She said they would be locked up at a secret location until Saturday, which could not be disclosed for fear of ram raids. Kerry said no one was allowed to open the boxes, even to check if they received the right books, until 9.01am on Saturday.

She said Harry enthusiasts would see the boxes no earlier than 8.30am on Saturday, when they are allowed to be moved into the store but not opened.

The Morning Bulletin, along with most Australia media outlets, have also recieved a letter from the book publisher's lawyers reminding us about copyright laws and urging us not to publish any leaked information.

Kerry said the security measures proved that Harry Potter was more than a book ? it was a phenomenon.

"Saturday is more than a book launch. It's a worldwide event.''

Kerry has organised extra staff, dress ups and plenty of magical giveaways for the day.

But despite all her efforts to safeguard Harry, Kerry admits that she has never even read the books: "I know Harry Potter is a lot of fun. For someone who's never read Harry Potter, I'm getting right into it and I can understand why people go crazy.''

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