Hard Rock steals the Show

By TAMARA KEMP ? STRAP yourself in for the ride of your life.

Rockhampton Show's newest thrill-seeker the "Hard Rock'' ride, left me feeling legless.

Having experienced Dream- world's Tower of Terror, Wipeout, Giant Drop and Cyclone Roller coaster, I thought I was well-pre- pared for what the ride had to offer.

How very wrong I was.

What started out as a gentle swing and sway in the wind, turned into a torturous 100kmh hurricane that held me at a 120- degree angle above the ground. I felt like an ant in a washing machine spin cycle.

With every swoop towards the ground my mouth opened wider, my yells became louder ? I was the only one yelling, I think.

Who would have thought road- testing one of Rockhampton's newest rides could be so ex- hausting?

If throwing yourself about like a rag-doll is not your cup of tea, per- haps you'd pefer seeing the Show's hundreds of animal displays.

Today will hold a variety of ac- tivities from horses to mini stunt cars, flying lotahs, parachuters and the whipboxing challenge.

Don't forget to take a look at the variety of arts and crafts available or to try out the side show alley games.

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