Head injury knocks Camilla unconscious


MURDER victim Camilla George was suffering head wounds consistent with having her head smashed into the edge of a gutter or step when she was admitted to hospital, a Rockhampton court heard yesterday.

Forensic pathologist Dr Alex Olumbe told the Supreme Court murder trial of Maxwell Ronald Brown the 16-year-old suffered severe head lacerations and facial wounds.

He said the wounds would have knocked the girl unconscious but said it was possible she may have regained consciousness later in the attack.

The court was told the victim's blood was spread across the steps and concrete surrounding the Church of Christ on George Street, Rockhampton, and on nearby palm trees.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the April 18, 2004, attack which led to Camilla's death in a Brisbane hospital a week later.

But the court heard DNA evidence proved traces of Camilla's blood were found on Brown's singlet as well as hair believed to belong to the 16-year-old.

The court also heard from Dr Alexandra Moore, who said an examination of Camilla showed evidence of sexual assault though no traces of sperm could be detected.

On Thursday the jury watched a videotape of a police interview in which Brown confessed to punching Camilla three or four times and he was allegedly caught on security cameras wearing her T-shirt in the hours after the bashing. The trial continues.

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