Health review sparks anger, tears


STORIES of horror, tragedy and corruption erupted during a Queensland Health system review forum held yesterday.

About 40 people attended the review at the Rockhampton Leagues Club, many sharing personal accounts of the current system.

Shirley Buchholz paused and wept as she told the panel of how her daughter's appendix ruptured. Her daughter could not get a nurse for over two hours and was not operated on until late in the evening.

"She was lucky,'' she said. "There was a real lack of communication during the whole ordeal.''

The majority of speakers said there was simply not enough staff or services in hospitals. They all complained about huge waiting lists, not enough staff and shoddy care.

"When is the Queensland Government going to get their head out of the sand and their fingers out of their bums and do something about the sh..ty state of the health-care system?'' said Don Williamson, who has bone metastatic disease.

Mr Williamson has had cancer for about two years now. He has to drive to Brisbane in order to receive radium treatment.

"Without private coverage I would be in a lot of trouble.'' Nurses also voiced their concerns.

"I am ashamed of what our system has become,'' said Registered Nurse Glenda Mather.

"These people are working with their hands tied behind their backs ? undo the handcuffs.''

The review panel is visiting 18 centres in Queensland and will complete its report by September 30 this year.

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