Herb helps to beef up guard

BIG-hearted Mount Morgan cattle agent Herb Clarke is helping to beef up Rockhampton's former Grenadier Guard Richard Wells.

Mr Clarke was so moved by a story in Saturday's Morning Bulletin outlining Mr Wells's plight he contacted the paper and arranged to help the pensioner, who used to be a Queen's guardsman at Buckingham Palace.

Mr Wells told how he lived on tinned food so he could save money for an eye operation.

"I'm a pretty good cook and I cook a meal every day, so I thought I would make a meal for him as well,'' Mr Clarke, a cattle buyer for Nolan Meats in Gympie and Wide Bay Feedlot, said.

"It will help fatten him up.

"Beef is the best dish, to get your strength up on.''

He said he "felt'' for the situation Mr Wells found himself in.

"When I saw that picture in the paper I knew he was fair dinkum,'' Mr Clarke said yesterday.

"I've had a few hard knocks in my time and I feel very much for people who want to work and can't.

"I'm still working, so I thought I would give him a hand.''

Mr Clarke did not do this for publicity and did not ask for the paper to do a story on him.

"It's not a big deal, it's just that I am able to do it and it would make me happy to do it,'' he said.

Mr Clarke's sister has also offered to help Mr Wells out financially.

Mr Wells, himself a keen volunteer worker in his younger days, thanked Mr Clarke.

The two first met earlier this week and have already struck up a close friendship.

Mr Wells said a lot of people had recognised him from the story.

The 75-year-old is battling cancer and suffering problems from an industrial accident more than 30 years ago.

Despite his predicament he hasn't let things get him down and maintains a jovial outlook.

Last year it took him more than six months to save $4000 from his $471 a fortnight pension to pay for an eye operation after a mix-up led him and his family to believe he would not be able to get the treatment through the public system.

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