Hilly heights home to water guzzlers


TONY Williams's Division 6 ratepayers are officially Rockhampton's biggest water guzzlers, using an average 229kL a year more a household than counterparts in the city's most conservative division.

Figures released this week by Fitzroy River Water, based on 18-24 months of water consumption statistics to March 2005, showed Division 6's annualised average at 763kL (per household).

Ratepayers of Greg Belz's Division 7 had tightened their taps to record the lowest annual average ? 534kL.

Division 7 incorporates an area bounded by Thozet Road, Lakes Creek Road, Berserker Street and Wooster Street.

Cr Williams said the latest figures did not come as a surprise.

His division incorporates an area to the east of Thozet Road, including parts of Frenchville and Mount Archer.

"It's always been the indication (Division 6 was the highest water user) since we started reading from meters,'' Cr Williams said.

"I was hopeful consumption would have come down this time but it didn't seem to change much at all.''

He could only speculate on the reason for the division's high usage.

"Probably being a hilly area the water tends to run off yards and gardens and doesn't hold like it would in a flat area. "I know with my (Koongal) yard it tends to dry out quicker because of runoff.''

Fitzroy River Water general manager Neil Hanschen said as a general rule, ratepayers tended to use the same amounts of water inside the home.

"It's what is used outside that tends to make the difference (to water bills),'' he said.

A user-pays water system will be introduced on July 1.

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