Hockey boys' golden glory

IF Aussie sports watchers hadn't noticed before yesterday, Rockhampton gold-medal-winning hockey striker Jamie Dwyer is a genius.

After his incredible reverse stick goal to give Australia a 3-0 victory over Pakistan, Dwyer is entitled to continue wearing the No.1 on the back of his Aussie shirt.

The lethal player, who scored the sensational goal to secure Olympic gold for Australia in Athens two years ago, was at it again.

Only this time, his miraculous shot was icing on the cake for Australia, not the matchwinner.

"I knew I just had to stay around there (inside the goal circle) and get a touch on it.

"And I knew where the goal was. It was just awareness I guess,'' Dwyer said.

"I'm glad I got it. I'd missed a few opportunities earlier.''

Dwyer celebrated his 27th birthday at the start of the Games.

In yesterday's gold medal match against an aggressive Pakistan side, Dwyer finished with the best present.

"It was awesome. I've never played in front of such a big crowd before at home.''

Dwyer offered his inside view on why the Aussies have continued their run since the Athens Olympics.

"I think we just want to reach our potential, keep raising the bar in fitness and skill,'' Dwyer said.

"We feel pretty fit. We prepare ourselves well.''

While Dwyer continued to attract attention scoring goals, fellow Rockhampton product Mark Knowles yesterday strengthened his place in the powerhouse Aussie squad.

Despite being the youngest player in the team, 22-year-old Knowles produced a superb performance in yesterday's final, displaying remarkable trapping and defensive skills.

Before the Games, the former North Rockhampton High School student said his favourite food was mum's steak from Rockhampton.

After dishing up a hearty effort yesterday, Knowles will no doubt have an appetite for more international success.

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