Home row turns him to crime

DISOWNED by his mother and stepfather, Nathaniel Arthur Mooney was on the road to a life of crime until a caring aunt stepped in to help him.

The 18-year-old was kicked out of home and left to fend for himself as relations with his mother and stepfather fell apart.

His stepfather asked Mooney to take all of his personal possessions with him including childhood memorabilia like sports ribbons.

He was then told if he wanted to see his mother again he needed to make an appointment.

Mooney took solace with a group of peers who had a penchant for petty crimes.

Yesterday he faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court pleading guilty to a string of low-level offences including unlawful entry to a motor vehicle.

Police prosecutor Calvin Gnech told the court Mooney broke into several vehicles both on Caroline Street in Allenstown and at Tropical Wanderers Resort in North Rockhampton in a string of incidents on March 5 and 14.

Mostly nothing was stolen with the exception of one incident on March 15 where he stole jewellery and CD's from a vehicle at Tropical Wanderers.

Police located him soon after at the Red Hill Shopping Centre and he was caught with a 20cm kitchen knife which he said was for his protection.

Defence Solicitor Brian McGowran said tension with Mooney's stepfather had caused him to spend more and more time out of home before he was asked to leave.

But he said the 18-year-old had turned a corner since being taken in by his aunt who told him he would always be welcome at her house.

Magistrate Annette Hennessy placed Mooney on probation and ordered he pay a $350 fine but did not record a conviction.

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