WALKING AWAY: At 22, Brad Short, with mother Lanie, is learning to walk again.
WALKING AWAY: At 22, Brad Short, with mother Lanie, is learning to walk again.

How a fence cut off my leg

BRAD Short??s life changed forever the minute he realised his leg was no longer attached to his body.

His right leg had been severed in a freak horse-riding accident earlier this year when he was thrown through a barbed wire fence ?V thrown so hard the limb was sliced clean off.

Brad shared his horrific story for the first time last week.

??I remember sitting on the ground and my leg was missing,?? Brad told The Morning Bulletin.

??I looked around and then I swore.

?? ??My leg was gone.??

Brad, now 22, said he remembered being calm and not feeling any pain after the accident.

??When the horse bolted I saw this tree coming up and I thought it was going to hurt,?? Brad said.

??Then the horse turned and I??ve gone through the fence.??

Brad had been riding ?V for only his seventh time ?V on a friend??s property near Dingo when the accident happened on Easter Sunday.

He said it was his friend, not him, who had the ??freak-out??.

??He tied my leg off. He just kept saying to me ??the ambulance is on its way, the ambulance is on its way??.??

Brad said he remembered his friend trying to calm him down when he launched his first joke at him.

??I asked my mate if he could scratch my ankle because it was itchy. I told him my leg was over there.

??My mate didn??t know what to do.??

Brad??s mum Lanie said emergency workers had told her her son was one of the calmest patients they had treated given his injury.

??They said people usually have a freak-out, but not Brad,?? she said.

Brad was flown from the property by the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service directly to hospital in Brisbane.

It was there he learnt his leg had been too badly severed to reattach and he spent three months recovering.

Lanie said doctors had told her Brad was lucky he hadn??t been sliced in the middle because he also suffered a large cut along his lower back.

Brad said the accident had taught him how much he had taken for granted.

He now gets around in a wheelchair and can walk with the aid of crutches.

Brad has been in physiotherapy since the accident and had been fitted with a prosthetic leg.

He??s learning to walk again and hopes that one day he will do it without the aid of crutches.

But, as his mother says, there??s still a long road ahead. Brad said he doesn??t dwell on the accident and gets by with a healthy sense of humour.

??I tell my friends I??m going to throw some horse steaks on the barbie and that my prosthetic leg??s going to have brown hair and a hoof one day,?? he joked.

Jokes aside, Brad said he had made peace with the horse in question, known as Dream, and had even patted it.

Although Brad says he??s undecided on whether he??ll ride again, he has already got back in the saddle, riding a mechanical bull at the Archer Hotel.

He hopes to return to work, ultimately driving a truck at the mines.

In the meantime his mum, a pensioner, said they are looking for help to find a new home.

She said they had taken over someone??s lease recently only to be told they didn??t meet the real estate agency??s criteria and would soon be forced to move out.

Lanie said they were having trouble finding a place they could afford and she hoped someone may be able to help. They were looking for a low-set fenced home anywhere in the Rockhampton area ?V somewhere a little more user-friendly for Brad.

??Please help us find a house,?? she said.

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