I couldn?t live without an iPod

RILEY Doherty can't live without her Apple iPod.

The Rockhampton music lover uses it every day and has managed to cram her favourite 1000 songs on to her pocket-sized music-playing device.

But even at 1000 songs, Riley fears it's not enough.

"It sounds like a lot but it's pretty easy to use up,'' Riley said.

"I can't fit any more on it.''

Riley, 16, admits she takes her iPod everywhere, listening to it at school, work and home. She's had the iPod for five months.

"You don't need a CD player these days. You just download songs from your computer or CDs, plug in your headphones and away you go.

"It's just like portable music.''

Riley said the beauty of iPods was that you could download only the songs you liked.

She said she had most recently downloaded about 60 Pink Floyd tunes and was currently listening to A Perfect Circle.

Riley said she was not surprised to hear that iPods were expected to be the hottest gift this Christmas.

She said she would recommend them as a great present for all music lovers.

Apple iPods start at about $149 for a 512MB iPod Shuffle through to $598 for the top-of-therange iPod, which features a whopping 60GB and can hold 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos and 150 hours of videos.

Ipods can be used for listening to music via headphones, viewing photos, games, playing tunes through your home entertainment system or car stereo, organising calendar appointments and podcasts.

Podcasts are snippets of radio programs which have been placed in the iTunes Podcast Directory and can be downloaded for free and listened to at any time on your iPod.

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