I punched Camilla three or four times on the chin

ACCUSED murderer Maxwell Ronald Brown admitted punching 16-year-old Camilla George the night she was found brutally beaten outside a South Rockhampton church, a court heard yesterday.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the murder but his trial in Rockhampton Supreme Court was yesterday played a tape of his police interview in which he admited assaulting Camilla.

In the interview Brown, who says he raised Camilla, says he and the 16-year-old were walking home from a relative's house in Livermore Street when they started arguing about her paintsniffing habits.

Brown says he punched her outside the Church of Christ on the corner of George and William streets.

He admitted to hitting her three or four times in the chin, knocking her to the ground.

"I'm ashamed of myself for hitting her,'' he told police.

But he said he initially believed Camilla had not been knocked out.

"I thought she may have just been laying there pretending so I could go and she could go off with one of her sniffers.''

However, Brown was often difficult to understand during the interview, causing some debate over what was said.

The court also heard from a former Rockhampton Hospital doctor who treated Camilla when she was admitted on the morning of April 18 suffering from severe head wounds.

He said the victim had lost an estimated 1-1.5 litres of blood and needed assistance breathing.

She was later transferred to a Brisbane hospital where she was declared legally dead on April 25.

The trial continues.

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