Insurance woes slow job search

HAVING just completed a seven and a half year jail stint Rockhampton man Glenn Taylor is finding it is a long road to get his life back on track.

Mr Taylor, 43, is a truck driver.

While he has an employer desperate to get him on the road as quickly as possible, he says insurance companies either will not cover him or have bumped up premiums so much it was not worth his employer's effort giving him work.

"It gets to the stage where you think about throwing the towel in and going down to Centrelink,'' Mr Taylor said.

"I'm not lazy, I really want to work.'' He was released from jail in September having served his full sentence. Mr Taylor was jailed for assault.

"I have worked in the driving industry since my 20s, it's what I know,'' said Mr Taylor, who holds appropriate licences.

"I have not had a traffic offence for about 22 years and want to get back into long-distance truck driving.''

Mr Taylor worked with a local delivery company for a short period after his release and had no problems then with insurance.

He said his prospective employer and he had spoken with "half a dozen'' insurance companies without luck.

He said his criminal record had nothing to do with driving or any of the duties he would be required to perform.

Queensland University of Technology lecturer and insurance law expert Samantha Traves said there was no legal impediment to stop a company refusing a person with a criminal record cover.

"There can be sound commercial reasons for refusing insurance,'' said Mrs Traves, who was not aware of the specifics of Mr Taylor's case.

Anyone who can help Mr Taylor can call him on 0423?645?247.

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