Job lost but mail sorted

HOSTILITIES between 4RO and Bruce Diamond appeared to escalate yesterday, after the sacked talk back host claimed the radio station had threatened to call the police on him.

Mr Diamond, sensationally sacked at the station on Friday, straight after his morning shift, said he had offered to drop in to pick up a large stack of mail but had been told not to enter the building.

"They said 'if you do we have been instructed to call certain people','' he said.

"I think we know who those 'certain people' are.''

Mr Diamond said he and station management had "heated'' discussions on Friday after he was fired.

Mr Diamond, who is considering legal action against the station, has produced an email from last Wednesday which indicates he was to start a new drive time slot at 4RO this week.

Station manager Carly Davis said as Mr Diamond was no longer a staff member he was only allowed to enter the reception area where his mail was being held for him.

She said the station had "no negative feelings'' towards him.

? In a late development yesterday afternoon Mr Diamond visited the station.

"I went to test them out and I'm not in jail,'' he said after collecting his mail. "I'm glad it has been sorted out.''

The John Laws show will replace Mr Diamond's slot later this month.

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