Kay?s choice: I kept my boys

WHEN Kay Kemp fell pregnant out of wedlock, she faced intense pressure from her mother and several close friends to have an abortion.

Three years later, she became pregnant again and her mother, an avid church-goer, refused to speak to her.

But Mrs Kemp bravely resisted the pressure to have an abortion, deciding to walk the difficult path of a single mother.

Today she is certain she made the right decision saying her two sons, Wil, 21, and Vin, 18, are her life.

"I love them both very dearly and I am just so proud of what they have become,'' she said.

Mrs Kemp contacted The Morning Bulletin after recent controversy over abortion pill RU486, urging women considering abortion to think twice.

"I remember looking at his (Wil's) little face and thinking, 'How could I have listened to anybody?' I don't think I could have ever forgiven myself if I had the abortion,'' she said.

"From the cases I've seen I think it should be illegal.''

But a teary-eyed Mrs Kemp admitted raising two boys on her own wasn't always easy.

"It's been hard. We never had a lot of money but I made it fun for them,'' she said.

Mrs Kemp's involvement in her sons' lives has continued as they've grown ? Wil sees his mum several times a week and she has taken an active interest in his son Ramsay.

She is also a regular fixture in the audience wherever Vin's band plays, even though she doesn't like much of the music. Both sons were full of praise.

"She's great, she has done so much for us,'' Vin said.

"I feel like everything I'm doing is because of how she brought me up ... I think she did a great job with what she had. I'm happy that we've got a real friendship now where we can sit down and have a beer together,'' Wil said.

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