Kill accused listens calmly


MAXWELL Ronald Brown sat calmly in the dock yesterday as a jury heard he had allegedly murdered his former partner's 16year-old daughter.

Brown pleaded not guilty in the Rockhampton Supreme Court to the murder of Camilla George on April 25 2004, which followed her alleged assault on April 18.

She had been found naked and bleeding from heavy head trauma in the Church of Christ grounds on William Street, Rockhampton.

Camilla died days later after being declared brain dead.

Brown, dressed in a blue longsleeve striped shirt for the start of the trial yesterday, sat attentively with arms folded during the day.

Crown prosecutor Brendan Campbell told the Supreme Court of Rockhampton in his opening remarks that Camilla's blood and clothing had been found strewn across the church grounds.

Mr Campbell said security cameras in East Street had shown Brown and Camilla walking in the direction of the church shortly before her death.

He said the same camera had filmed Brown walking in the opposite direction about an hour later, wearing the shirt Camilla had previously been seen in.

Mr Campbell said scientific evidence showed Camilla's blood was on some of Brown's clothes and Brown's blood was also on some of her's.

"Her (Camilla George's) blood is almost literally on his (Brown's) hands,'' Mr Campbell said.

Mr Campbell said evidence also suggested that Brown had allegedly dragged Camilla away from the road during the attack.

He said doctors would testify that Camilla had died as a result of the attack and also that she had been sexually assaulted.

Mr Campbell said Brown allegedly admitted assaulting Camilla on April 18 and on a previous occasion.

The trial continues.

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