OFFENCE: Up-skirting will be outlawed under new laws.
OFFENCE: Up-skirting will be outlawed under new laws.

Man takes photo up girl?s skirt

A ROCKHAMPTON mother is concerned for her 16-year-old daughter's privacy after a man allegedly took a photo with his mobile phone up her skirt.

The mother, who does not want to be named to protect the identity of her daughter, said she was shocked to hear that a man had allegedly "up-skirted'' her daughter in Stockland Rockhampton on Thursday, October 27.

"She (daughter) rang from the shop and told me,'' she said.

"At that stage I thought I had obviously gotten her message mixed up. I didn't think that would happen.''

Her daughter said she had been followed by the man in a shop.

She said the alleged incident was witnessed by her friends and reported to the police and security officers.

"I thought he was keeping an eye on me because he thought I was going to shop-lift something,'' she said. "Then all of a sudden one of my friends sang out and said 'What are you doing taking a photo up my friend's skirt?'

"He dropped the phone and when my friend and I got a glance of the phone we noticed it was on camera mode.'' She said she felt uncomfortable and started crying.

Her mother advised all shoppers to be aware that it can happen.

She said she supported the new State Government laws to jail peeping Toms who secretly observe or film people in private places and the so-called practice of "up-skirting'', where an offender uses a concealed camera to film up under someone else's clothing.

"I think it's fair enough to jail them for two years,'' she said.

Police Beat officer-in-charge Se-nior Constable Jason O'Halloran, who was there on the night of the alleged incident, said there was no evidence of anything. He said it had been investigated internally.

"In my four months of being here, it's the first I have heard of it,'' he said.

"It could just be a case of wrong place and wrong time.''

Senior Constable O'Halloran said people had to be vigilant and report incidents.

Stockland Rockhampton declined to comment.

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