Maree unleashes shock at actions

GRACEMERE'S Maree Olzard is horrified Fitzroy Shire Council has not punished her neighbour who she believes has more than 15 dogs.

Mrs Olzard, a big animal lover herself, said the council had failed to administer the law despite numerous complaints from herself and others.

"I believe that there are in excess of 15 dogs at the residence,'' the mother-of-two said.

"Also the owner of the dogs has verbally admitted ... she is breeding the dogs and selling the pups.''

The Cavell Road resident said she was fed up with her neighbour's dogs roaming onto her property and their noise.

"I was horrified to find out that no further action would be taken as town planning (council) has higher priorities,'' Mrs Olzard said.

"I understand the amount of development going on and the work involved, but as far as I am concerned the situation with the dogs next door is illegal and should be addressed as well.''

A dog breeder herself, she said she was forced to get rid of several of her family's dogs because of a misunderstanding.

"Due to a misunderstanding by myself when I filled in the (development application) forms (for council), my husband has been forced to give up his hobby of pigging as we cannot legally keep the dogs here,'' she said.

"I wish for a total licence for eight breeding dogs as well as an extra six desexed working dogs.

"That is, a total of 14 dogs, on the premises at any one time.

Mrs Olzard said she lived on an acreage of approximately 45 hectares.

Fitzroy Shire Council chief executive officer Lyle Harman said the council was aware the neighbours kept more than the permitted four dogs.

Mr Harman said the council had given them the opportunity to lodge a development permit so they could legally keep more dogs.

"We will monitor the situation and follow it up,'' Mr Harman said.

"We have told these people it has to go through a process.''

He said council officers had limited time and resources available and had to prioritise jobs.

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