Mikhaila in calm state as hurricane blows closer

HER voice was calm as she spoke down the phone line.

"Everyone else seems scared, but where we are, we are in a safe place,'' she replied.

At about 11 o'clock Thursday night (Texas time), Mikhaila Parsons, 18, reassured her parents she was safe and well, watching DVDs with her Rockhampton boyfriend Josh Jones.

Staying in a home in Katy, 48km west of Houston, Ms Parsons said they spent much of the day preparing for the anticipated Hurricane Rita which is expected to strike at about 12.30am Queensland time today.

"There is no gas left in any gas station in Katy,'' she said.

"We are good, we have board- ed down the windows with wood and have plenty of water and canned food for supplies.

"We are filling up the bath-tubs with water just in case we are unable to get fresh water in the next few days.''

Ms Parsons moved to Beau-mont, Texas, from Rockhampton in August on a golfing scholarship and to study kinesiology. But she and Mr Jones were evacuated from Beaumont on Wed-nesday (Texas time) due to the hurricane warning.

She said Hurricane Rita was being described as the third worst hurricane on record.

"The entry to the coast is cut off and people are still trying to get out of Houston despite most cars running out of gas.

"We were driven around yesterday and shown the good three-and-a-half metre drainage to prevent the city from going under water,'' she said.

Before the storm, Ms Parsons said she had time for a round of golf: "It's the calm before the storm.''

Ms Parsons' father Kerrod said he and his wife, Anne-Marie were content that she was safe and well after hearing from her yesterday.

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