Mum flies to Lorian?s bedside

ROCKHAMPTON'S Lorna Graham could not ignore her daughter Lorian's plea to be by her bedside as she flew out to Germany yesterday.

Lorna made phone contact with Lorian late on Tuesday after she came out of surgery in a German hospital.

The talented Rockhampton cyclist landed in hospital after an out-of-control car swerved head-on into the group of six AIS (Aust-ralian Institute of Sport) cyclists, which included Lorian, in southern Germany early on Tuesday morning.

Lorian sustained two broken collarbones, fractures to her knees and fingers, and multiple abrasions.

Speaking to The Morning Bulletin from Brisbane before leaving for Germany yesterday, with Desley, one of her two other daughters, Lorna said that of course there were a few tears during their telephone conversation.

"At the time she didn't know Amy (Gillett) had passed away. "Lorian was very tired and pretty devastated,'' Lorna said. Despite knowing the state of her fellow team-mates Lorian vividly recalled the accident.

"She can remember seeing the car and it swerving out of control towards them,'' Lorna said.

"I didn't go into too many details with her.''

Lorna said she would not find out more about her daughter's physical and mental well-being until she saw her.

She will remain in Germany until Lorian is able to return home.

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