Mum?s love keeps son out of jail

? A MOTHER'S support for her son almost certainly saved convicted kidnapper Peter Leslie Cook from going back to jail yesterday.

Cook, 32, had been facing the real possibility of triggering a two-year suspended prison term from a Brisbane kidnapping sentence in 2004 after pleading guilty to a string of minor offences.

Rockhampton District Court heard yesterday that he had also been facing serious stalking and assault charges against his mother, before she withdrew her complaint.

Cook had been held in custody for six months since May 2005 when police arrested him following a drunken disturbance outside his mother's Rockhampton home.

Cook was abusing neighbours and his behaviour escalated when police officers arrived.

The officers had to physically restrain him after he threatened to kill a neighbour.

Crown Prosecutor Tony Louden said at the time of the offence his mother was "afraid of him and what he might do when he was drinking''.

That offence was the last in a series of incidents related to his alcohol abuse. These included drink driving and obstructing police.

Barrister Ross Lo Monaco argued against Cook being jailed for what were essentially a series of "street offences''.

He said Cook had been abusing alcohol but with his mother's support he had not reoffended following his release in December. She had also taken him in to her home and found him a job. Judge Grant Britton extended the operational period for the two-year kidnapping sentence to 2009.

He warned Cook to behave as it was his last chance.

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