Nev and Arthur?s historic beauties are ready to ride

ARTHUR Cox admits he does get a few unusual looks when he takes his beloved jeep out for a spin.

However, tomorrow his pride and joy will fit right in during Rockhampton's Anzac Day commemorations.

Yesterday, the former truck driver, who spent more than 40 years making a living behind the wheel, and his good mate Nev Denney applied the finishing touches to their jeeps for tomorrow's activities.

"It's the main day of the year, that's for sure,'' Mr Cox said.

He said he loved nothing more than taking his jeep for a spin.

"You do get a few unusual looks. I like to take her out at least twice a week,'' Mr Cox said.

Last year the pair took their jeeps to Townsville for a function.

Tomorrow's adventure won't be quite so far.

Mr Denney, who served with the National Serviceman's Association, will transport ex-nashos tomorrow.

After the service the pair plan to head to a barbeque where jeep lovers from across Central Queensland will converge. Mr Cox has owned his jeep since 1981.

Mr Denney has owned jeeps for about three years, in which time he's had four, at one stage running three at the same time.

"When I was a young fellow there was a lot of Americans (about) and this was all you would see,'' Mr Cox said.

"I fell in love with them.''

Both jeeps are left-handed drive and in immaculate condition. While they look virtually the same, Mr Denney runs a 1942 Ford, while Mr Cox's is a 1943 Willys.

Mr Cox said more than 4000 people drove jeeps in Australia.

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