New Zealand expat: City?s just Beau-tiful

NOT the place where I was born, but where I hang my hat is home.

That proverb certainly rings true for Beau Crummer.

The Auckland-born musician has called Rockhampton home for more than a decade.

And the naturalised Australian citizen wouldn't have it any other way.

"Except when the Bledisloe (rugby) or the Tri Nations league is on,'' Beau remarks.

"Then I'm cheering for the Kiwis. You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.

But when the Aussies are swimming or doing anything against the Americans, I'm going for them.''

Beau fell in love with Rockhampton during the late '80s and early '90s, as a bass player travelling the Queensland coast with the band Mr President.

"We would spend four weeks in Brisbane then Bundy, Rocky, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. We'd work Wednesday to Sunday. When we'd finish our four weeks in Cairns we'd do it all again.

"You didn't realise how exciting it was until it was over. Unfortunately it's unheard of these days.''

After the best part of five years with the six-member group, Beau received a job offer to tour New Zealand, which he gladly accepted.

"I got to meet people like Tina Turner, Ray Childs, Crowded House, Paul McCartney, Bobby Brown, Billy Idol, the list just goes on.

"While it all happened very fast, after a year I got to the crossroads. I had to decide whether to keep going or settle down and marry.''

Beau opted for the latter and returned to Rockhampton. "I got to like Rocky when I was touring with Mr President,'' he said.

"The people pretty much spoke my language, they were laid back, it was more my pace.

"Everywhere else we played you had opposition, but Rocky was different.

If you had a piece of equipment break down all you had to do was get on the phone to another musician and they'd let you borrow what you needed straight away.

In the big cities that's just unheard of.''

Shortly after his return to Rocky, Beau formed a duo called Twinzz with Adrian Cartwright.

Adrian left in 1996 and Beau currently works with Shane McDonald.

Twinzz are regulars at The Criterion, The Glenmore, The Frenchville and the Leichhardt in Emerald.

Beau also credits his experience as a musician for introducing him to his other passion ? outrigging.

It was through contact with a bouncer at the former Flamingo's nightclub, where he performed, that he became involved in the sport.

"I haven't stopped since I started (outrigging),'' said the Rockhampton Outrigging Club member.

"The physical, mental and spiritual aspects make it so self-rewarding.''

By the end of my interview with Beau there was no need to ask: "So do you speak-a my language?''

He would have probably just smiled, given me a Vegemite sandwich and said: "I come from a Land Down Under.

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