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WHAT'S in a name?

For one-year-old Jack Wakeman and Emily Everingham, it was ranked the most popular name in Queensland for 2004.

With more than 500 hits for the name Jack and 352 hits for the name Emily, it seems Queenslanders opted for tradition when it came to choosing names for their children last year.

Rockhampton resident and mother of Jack, Michelle Wakeman, said they chose the name because it was a strong family name.

"Jack comes from the name John, and we have a few Jacks and Johns in the family. Jack is a strong name and means God is gracious, merciful.''

Mother of Emily, Katherine Everingham, said Emily went without a name for two days while they decided. She said she wanted to choose a name that best suited her.

"Emily means industrious and independent and that is her. Her middle name is Jean, which is the name of her grandmother.''

Mrs Everingham said if she had had a boy she would have named her baby Thomas.

Mrs Wakeman said she would have named Jack Lily or Matilda if he was a girl.

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages shows both Thomas and Lily were ranked the fifth most popular names.

Both mothers never expected to have their child's name the most popular for 2004.

Katherine said: "I chose Emily because at the time I thought it wasn't a popular name. I was shocked to hear that it was, now she will be going to school with about four other Emilys.''

Mrs Wakeman said that didn't bother her.

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