Payout doesn?t ease trauma of bashing

IT'S been five years since Colin Robertson was beaten to within an inch of his life in a Rockhampton home and the 67-year-old is still suffering.

Mr Robertson was so badly injured he spent weeks in hospital and needed nine plates installed in his face.

For months he couldn't eat solid food and his lower jaw is still out of place.

Mr Robertson's ordeal was given an ending of sorts last month when a Mackay court awarded him $24,000 in compensation, though he says that amount scarcely acknowledges his suffering.

"I spent 12 hours in the emergency ward, weeks in hospital and I had to suck food through a straw,'' he said.

In his judgement District Court Judge Bob Pack decided against awarding Mr Robertson a higher amount because of defence claims he started the incident by slapping his attacker's wife.

But Mr Robertson angrily denied the claims yesterday, saying the attack was unprovoked.

"It was nothing like that at all, I didn't clip her or anything .?.?. I'll go on a lie detector test to prove them wrong.'' Mr Robertson's attacker, Stephen Milton Baker, 46, was last year sentenced to four and a half years' jail for the bashing.

At his trial the court heard the two men had been drinking at a Rockhampton property in the lead-up to the incident.

The court heard Baker had bashed Mr Robertson so severely that he thought he had killed him and contemplated rolling him in a blanket and dumping him in the Fitzroy River.

A doctor testified that he had only seen worse injuries from a high-speed motor vehicle accident.

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