Pipeline tops water options

By NATALIE SMITH ? A PIPELINE from the Fitzroy River is emerging as the more popular solution to the Capricorn Coast's water shortage situation.

At a community consultation meeting at Emu Park last week Livingstone Shire Mayor Bill Ludwig said once costings for both the desalination and pipeline options were completed a survey would be sent out to residents to let them decide, but some community groups have already made up their minds.

Yeppoon-based Sensible Development Group spokesman Bret Heath said the group believed the more economical and environmentally friendly option was the pipeline.

"We do think it's (the pipeline) the best option,'' he said. "I think it's silly to throw good money after bad at Sandy Creek.

"The desalination option is certainly something that should be explored for the future but at the moment it is financially too expensive and too costly on the environment.

"Also water conservation and use needs to be looked at.''

Mr Heath's point of view is shared by Livingstone Environmental Reference Group chairman Graham Scott.

"With the unpredictable nature of climate a community of our size must have a guaranteed secure water supply and the logical way to get that is from the Fitzroy River,'' he said.

Not everyone has made up their mind about the options though. Capricorn Coast Ratepayers Association president Barry Whelan said the association was waiting until the costings for each options were calculated before deciding.

"At this point we don't know what the costs are to ratepayers. We don't want to see any more development at Sandy Creek and we would like to see more in terms of water reuse.''

A delegation from Livingstone Shire Council met with Natural Resources and Mines Minister Stephen Robertson last week to discuss the region's water options.

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