Please give to help: they have nothing

FORMER Rockhampton man Bud Hopes may be free from the filthy New Orleans Superdome that had been his home for the past week, but the memory of the ordeal is still burnt into his mind.

Bud, 32, now of Brisbane, had been holidaying in the US when Hurricane Katrina hit.

He was taken to the Superdome and has been labelled a hero for his efforts in protecting fellow tourists.

Bud is now resting safely in a Dallas, Texas, hotel after being rescued at the weekend.

Here, Bud describes in his own words just what he's been through, in an email to his family.

Hello All. how are you?. Most of you have seen the press in Australia and around the world of what happened in New Orleans.

I really can't describe it and really don't have the words as i tap away on the Keyboord and just remember the most depraving images that any human beiing could see.

I was terryified at all times and thought I was never going to see you ever again many times. This made me weep. Please know that all of you were in my thoughts in the times that I needed comfort and assurance that all was going to be OK.

I am at the Westin hotel in Dallas where I am enjoying sleeping in sheets rather than human waste.

All of you know that I am always up for a joke but there was nothing funny about what I have witnessed in the last 6 days.

Please take this disaster with all the seriousness that it is being broadcast with and donate to Charities that will help the people of New Orleans.

I can go home to friends and Families.....these people have nothing.

I remember,when we were all working in the Hospital, meeting a boy of 9 years old that had lost all 4 members of his Family and had no where to go ....he followed one of the admin staff around the whole night waiting for news.

Then there was the man that I wathched for 2 days as I somoked ciggies wait for his dad to be rescued and get off the chopper.......I seen him when we were being evctuated at the texas border and he said he lost his Father and Brother.

I can only encourage you to make donations to the rebuilding of this state as the people here are good people and the guy who saved our lives is one of them.

I met alot of people who weren't nice in the dome but also I ment alot that were amazing and have lost everyting that need our help.

I want you all to know that I appreciate you and love you very much. I will write more soon Bud

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