Protest arrests at Shoalwater Bay


TEN people were arrested at the Shoalwater Bay military training area yesterday.

About 20 people from around Central Queensland gathered outside the facility to protest against the joint US-Australia Talisman Sabre exercise at Shoalwater Bay. The exercise starts today.

Yesterday morning, six campaigners allegedly entered the training facility to hold a remembrance ceremony for civilians killed in the Iraq war. The six, who carried makeshift coffins, were charged with trespassing on Commonwealth land.

Later in the afternoon, four more people were arrested by police and charged with disobeying a lawful direction.

The four were among nine protesters who blocked access to the Shoalwater Bay training area by forming a human chain across the road.

Police had to remove the arrested individuals from the front of the gate.

After demanding they move to the side of the road, police dragged and physically forced the arrested protesters off the road. The other five voluntarily moved to the side of the road.

The protesters, who are members of the Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition and Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future, held the rally for environmental and world peace issues.

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