Pub staff made sure this dog had his day

MALTESE-shitzu cross doggedly trudged into a bar and the publican refused to serve him because he looked underage.

This is not an attempt at pub humour ? it actually happened during the dog days of summer in Rockhampton.

It was 9pm last Friday and 13-year-old Walter was dog tired after being out on the town for three days after fleaing (sorry, should be fleeing) his Wandal home during a storm.

It was raining cats and dogs, Walter's fur coat had not stood up to all the dog paddling, and a Two Dogs lemon brew would have really hit the spot.

"He walked past the Lionleigh Tavern, Red Lion Hotel and Brunswick Hotel, and he liked the Allies so much he came in,'' Allenstown Hotel publican Ian Van der Woude said of Walter's dogleg journey.

"But we had to throw him out because he had no shoes on.''

Walter, not being in the mood for a dogfight, willingly obliged and left the venue previously thought to be dog-proof.

Unable to put Walter in a taxi (no cabbies would accept him), Mr Van der Woude was at a loss what to do about the dog's breakfast he found himself in.

A cold ale or two had ruled him out for driving and there was not a designated driver to be found in the joint.

Holding the Bureau of Meteorology partly responsible for the predicament, Mr Van der Woude phoned good mate and local forecaster Mike Griffin.

"He (Mike) actually thought it was his dog because it was missing,'' Mr Van der Woude added. "He rushed down here but it wasn't his.''

Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, and being a good Samaritan, Mr Griffin offered Walter a bed for the night.

The next day, a doornock of the Allenstown area failed to find the runaway's owners and he was taken into canine cus- tody.

That evening his owners attended the Allies for a meal, totally unaware of the drama which had unfolded there the night before.

"We think Walter planned to meet them here, but he obviously got his nights mixed up,'' Mr Van der Woude said.

Walter's owners John and Erika Parsons tracked down their errant dog on Sunday after attending the pound.

And although Walter was in the doghouse for his doggery, he certainly had a tail (sorry, tale) to tell at the reunion.

"He likes a sip of beer,'' a delighted Mr Parsons said yesterday after thanking Mr Van der Woude again for looking after his pet.

"I went down as soon as I could to thank them (hotel staff).

"We were away when Walter bolted last week. He doesn't like lightning.''

Mr Parsons said he couldn't believe the coincidence of he and Erika attending the Allenstown Hotel without knowing Walter had taken refuge there.

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