Quadriplegic offers travel

LOOKING for inspiration? Then turn to Les Ruzsik, a Rockhamp- ton quadriplegic planning a trip to Europe.

At 74 and with no use of his limbs Mr Ruzsik intends to spend three months visiting family in Hungary with possible stop-overs in Rome, Frankfurt and London.

"I'm not one to sit on my bum. Keeping busy is important to me. If you lose interest in life you're buggered.''

Three months away from home on the Continent is a challenge even for able-bodied folk, but confined in a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, it is impressive.

Obviously Mr Ruzsik requires help. He has advertised in The Morning Bulletin for a trusting helper whose passage would paid for.

Stop-overs in famous European cities would be for the carer's benefit, he said.

"It depends on who I get and if they are interested in going to Rome or some other place.''

In return Mr Ruzsik requires assistance with the necessities allowing him to travel and live.He is not a stranger to international travel.

In 1998 Mr Ruzsik and his long-term carer travelled to Europe to visit his family.

His upcoming return is once again to see his sister, nieces and nephews, while considering settling back in his country of origin.

Mr Ruzsik has had his detractors.

"Some people have said: 'Why don't you just stay at home where you don't have to be pushed about?'''

Another obstacle was airlines which "whinged'' about having to accommodate Mr Ruzsik and his wheelchair.

"In 1998 there was no problem making the journey, but in 2005 they are not so happy,'' he said.

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