Real estate ?victim? turfed cancer patient


WHILE Marilou Lynn is upset about the "bad deal'' units she purchased, Irene Fogarty, 88, has no sympathy for her former landlord.

Mrs Fogarty had been living in the West Street units for the past 30 years under the one landlord before Mrs Lynn bought the property over the internet from Japan.

Mrs Lynn was in The Morning Bulletin on Friday, June 10, warning people about buying property over the internet unseen.

It was only after Mrs Lynn visited the proper- ty six months after she bought it that she rea- lised what a bad state it was in.

However when she purchased the property there were three tenants, including Mrs Fo- garty who was in Brisbane receiving radiation treatment for cancer when she was evicted.

"There was a few things that needed to be done, but he didn't like to do anything,'' Mrs Fogarty said about her previous landlord.

"But I made it myself, I made it my home,'' she said.

The other two tenants were evicted from the property after police had been called around four times one Friday afternoon to deal with the noise.

"You've got no idea the language and words that came from them,'' Mrs Fogarty said.

Shortly after the two were evicted Mrs Fo- garty was sent to Brisbane to under go six weeks of radiation therapy for cervix cancer.

Then "out of the blue'' she received a phone call from Mrs Lynn.

"She said it was un-livable and I had 14 days to get out ? I was evicted,'' she said.

Mrs Fogarty said she asked for an extension as she was not able to leave Brisbane, but Mrs Lynn was adamant that she leave in 14 days. "She called every day after that.

"I got sick of it I told Tania (her granddaugh- ter) to tell her I'd gone to hospital,'' Mrs Fo- garty said.

Mrs Lynn continued her campaign to evict Mrs Fogarty, and in the end Mrs Fogarty's daughter came and packed up her mum's be- longings and moved her in with them in Brisbane.

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