Rocky has it all for a uni girl

IN the flesh, Kristy Dmitrieff resembles anything but a coun- try girl.

Stylish pink jacket, matching lipstick, colour-tinted hair, stunning silver ear rings, necklace and rings.

But it's no disguise.

The 19-year-old Central Queensland University account- ing student, although Rockhampton born, freely admits her roots are in the bush ? Alpha in fact.

"My parents have two properties there ? a 30,000-acre one and another 15,000 acres,'' she explains.

"I came to boarding school (Rockhampton Girls Grammar) in Year 9.

"After finishing Year 12, I worked last year at The Rock Investment Planning before starting uni. I've always had an interest in the business area, especially accounting and law.''

Kristy could have chosen to attend one of a number of uni- versities but "Rocky has it all''.

"I definitely could have looked at Brisbane or anywhere I wanted.

"I chose to stay in Rocky because I like it here. It's not too big and it's not too small. It's close to the beach, all the shops are here, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.''

Kristy went on to explain how she had just bought a house and planned to stay.

"My family's helping me pay it off. I'd like to one day be a partner in an accounting firm here.''

But life was not always business orientated.Far from it in fact.

It could have been easy to grow into a rural lifestyle of riding horses, mustering and branding cattle ? a path taken by her brother Ricky-Jon.

"My parents always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to do as well as I can.

"They never pushed me that way (rural lifestyle).''

It was through her brother's involvement in the sport of mo- tocross that she met the other major part of her life ? boy- friend Simon Thompson, also of motocross fame.

"There's heaps of motocross events on in Rocky and Yep- poon and my parents come in for them all so it's really good,'' Kristy said.

"There're always opportunities here.

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