Sausage slings or surf board shorts?

THERE comes a time in every male's life when he is faced with a daunting decision.

Board shorts or Speedos? Surf shorts or sausage slings?

Boardies or the ouch pouch?

For Yeppoon surf lifesavers Nick Maher, Jason Thompson and lifeguard Tony McCraig the choice comes with the job.

While in the water, Mr McCraig said the DTs were very practical for swimming through the water quickly.

"There's no resistance while wearing the Speedos and they fit like a glove,'' he said.

"They are also comfortable and feel like a pair of underwear.''

Mr McCraig said he would put his board shorts on when he hopped out of the water for sun protection and visibility on the beach.

When Mr McCraig and Mr Maher are not out on the job, the pair agreed that boardies were the way to go as opposed to the banana hammock.

"I've seen every shape and size in DTs,'' Mr McCraig said.

Mr Maher added: "I prefer boardies, especially when I'm out in the surf with friends.

"It's more about style and comfort.''

Choosing between the banana hammock and the board shorts Mr Maher, Mr Thompson and Mr McCraig agreed it was a personal preference.

His 'N' Hers Surfwear owner Janie Coucom said while the board shorts were more popular, she said some would buy Speedos for training.

She said the style of board shorts this summer was bright prints and patterns.

Mrs Coucom said the brand range of pickle pinchers were Billabong, Quicksilver and Nike. She said Nike were the most preferred DT brand.

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