Scare tactics save treasured season


SCARE tactics have worked and the Rockhampton Cricket Association 2005-06 season will start on schedule in early October.

RCA president Graeme Brady last week threatened to prevent the new season starting if the board did not have a treasurer.

However, Capricorn Coast A grade cricketer Michael Holmes responded to the urgent call and saved the day to fill this position.

Brady said it was a big relief after he was determined to stand his ground with the board, along with Queensland Cricket, backing him.

He said the plan (blocking the season start) was to disappoint the players and for them to "badger'' someone into the position.

"The message got out there and they realised we were serious.''

Holmes, who also hopes to continue playing A grade cricket for Capricorn Coast this season, said he was "sort of talked into it a little bit''.

The new treasurer said it would also be good to have someone from the Capricorn Coast club on the board.

"It's just good to be helping cricket out,'' Holmes said. "The main thing now is to try and get everything ready for the Queensland Bulls visit (September 10 and 11).''

This year's threat of no cricket was nothing new from Brady. Finding a treasurer has been an ongoing problem since Peter Wells stood down about five years ago.

Over the past seasons the association president has regularly threatened stopping the season starts if this position had not been filled.

"Michael's saved the day.''

At the association's annual general meeting at the Frenchville Sports Club last night, the 2005-06 season starting dates were set with both senior and junior competitions taking the field on October 1.

All teams, both senior and junior, must be nominated by September 9.

Last night's meeting also awarded honourary life memberships to Kevin Jenkinson and Graeme Smith ? a surprise to both recipients.

Jenkinson has been heavily involved in committee work over the past years while Smith has worked tirelessly in the umpires department.

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